Experience Strategy

Our experience strategy illustrates our vision of the impact of mobile-optimized websites on Marketplace consumers.

An experience strategy is about creating a holistic vision for a consumer's experience of your product, service, and/or brand. Our experience strategy will be based on:

  • Mozilla and Marketplace goals
  • Data and research
  • Design principles
  • The notion that whatever we build now needs to be flexible enough to scale for what we know at this moment about the future
  • Clear direction for pre- and post-launch usability testing, with a plan of action for how we will respond to the results of both

The design team creates several different kinds of documents during this phase to think through design solutions, as well as to communicate with various stakeholders, e.g., engineering and marketing teams.

Once we've worked through the experience strategy, we'll move into Concept and Design where we'll work out the details of navigation, layout, hierarchy, interaction design, and visual design.